Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lesson 7: Some Inspiration

Before I get to my normal sequence of posts for Lesson 7, I noticed that the group on Whisk Wednesday's Blogroll were completing the main course of PINTADEAUX AU CHOU (Guinea Hen with Cabbage) during the past week or so. They have been working through lessons using Le Cordon Bleu AT HOME and I found the timing to be quite nice, being that this was my next meal.

I enjoy checking in on the lessons that they are working on from time to time, and I would encourage you to get a preview of my Lesson 7 from the following places:

At the time I was writing this, the following three had not yet posted about this particular recipe, so I will check back to see how they do:


Michelle said...

Mark, why not join us at Whisk Wednesdays? We're small but fierce and we do have fun!

Mark said...


Thanks for stopping by and inviting me to join up with Whisk Wednesday. I have been peaking in on the group since I started my project, and love seeing everyone's final products. I am impressed with the weekly pace of the group, something I have not been able to do. My monthly meal has been good progress for me to find all of the ingredients and prepare for others. I have liked cooking the entire menu from the book at one time, as the desserts and starters have been very impressive.

I am really enjoying cooking my way through Le Cordon Bleu AT HOME, and love your blog and all the Whisk Wednesday group.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment


bellaguinness said...

Thanks for checking in on us, Mark. Isn't it a great book - appreciation of real French technique outside of pastry is hard to find nowadays it seems. The group only requires two posts per month, and Shari is really lenient with those of us who don't always post on Wednesday. We'd love to have you - but at the very least we can send each other some link love. ;)