Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lesson 3: Shopping

Shopping for Lesson 1, I mentioned that I went to shop at a store that many people are crazy about...a health food chain store.  I have never felt successful there, maybe finding a few things from time to time, but never finding items that I was specifically looking for.

Oh how things change...I finally found items that I needed, at a good price, all of which were organic items! I haven't yet made a huge push to only buy organic products, instead I try to buy fresh and when possibly from local sources. This would put the farmer's market, and the barn that I shop at, higher on the priority list than the health food chain store...however I was excited to finally feel successful there, realizing what others rave so much about.

So what did I find there?  Pretty much everything that I really needed...PEARL ONIONS (yes they had fresh pearl onions), heavy cream, mushrooms, fresh herbs, and some really great chocolate (this is why I initially went there, knowing that they would have chocolate). I was also able to do some other shopping, including milk at a great price and a few other items. Overall, really successful!

I didn't really need much this time, as I had the veal and many staples that you keep around...I stocked up on butter the last time I was at the store.  

Ready to cook.


The Mediocre Cook said...

Ever since reading your post from lesson one about pearl onions I find them everywhere! Which of course makes me think of your blog. I'm sure the day I actually need them though I won't be able to locate them at all.

Glad you finally found them though!

Mark said...

I too hope you can find them when needed, if not, although not perfect someone suggested looking in the freezer section or use the substitute I used.

Here are some more of my thoughts: besides trying to find them, I am indifferent to using pearl onions because they take extra work to peel and work with. I personally am glad to have substituted the white onions in the pea recipe (I am going to make them again for Thanksgiving).